About The Company

Cool Web Tech builds cool websites.

For us, “cool” doesn’t mean “fancy” or “flashy”.

A website is cool when it gets the job done.

For some customers that means the phone rings.

For others it means sales come in.

Some websites are built to educate and inform. Those sites are optimized for that purpose.

Whatever result you’re trying to produce, we can create a website that can do it.

Cool, right?

Why not call now at (612) 217-4890tel:6122174890 and let us know what kind of results you’re looking for?

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About Our Founder

Brian Woodruff

Brian Woodruff

In 2000, Brian founded soundconcept.net, Inc., a full service website development and hosting company. In 2014, the company was restructured under the new name Cool Web Tech, LLC.

Brian’s first career was in engineering and also included a lot of software and database development. This background gave him a huge advantage in building database driven, highly interactive websites.

He built his first commercial website in 1995 and by the year 2000, he quit his day job and went full time into websites.

Since that time he has expanded his knowledge to all aspects of digital marketing, including everything from traffic generation to lead conversion.

Whatever your website or digital marketing problem, Brian is sure to be a great resource for you.

To reach out to Brian, simply call now at 612-293-0554 or fill out the form on this page.